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Small Kitchen

If you love to cook and have a small kitchen, don’t lament. Small kitchens can be beautiful and fully functional, it just takes some organizational savvy and attention to detail. Cutting clutter and having a home for everything works wonders. Using these six space saving tips will expand your tiny space in no time flat.

Small Kitchen

Six Sizzling Space Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens

  1. Use the Ceiling – Instead of wasting precious cabinet space on pots and pans, invest in a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling. If this is the only place you allow yourself to store pots and pans, it also enforces minimizing the amount of pots and pans you own. Choose sizes and styles of pots and pans that are diverse, and you won’t need as many of them.
  2. Use the Walls – When cabinet space is sparse, adding a couple of cute shelves to the walls adds extra storage. Choose shelves with hooks, and double their usefulness. Instead of filling shelves and hooks with dust collecting nick-knacks, use them to display things that are both beautiful and functional. Hang great looking coffee or tea cups on the hooks, and use the shelves to hold spices and dried goods stored in Mason jars or other pretty containers.
  3. Get a Chef’s Cart – If your kitchen has enough space for a chef’s cart, this is another functional storage device that can also double as decoration. Brightly colored mixing bowls and a stand mixer or dried goods stored in fantastic containers look lovely, and are also easily accessible. This is also a great place to display your cookbooks while keeping them within arm’s reach, so you’re more likely to actually use them. Remember to buy a cart that uses vertical space, rather than horizontal.
  4. Keep the Counters Clear – In a large kitchen, having stuff out on the counters can be cute and handy if you do it right. In a small kitchen, things get cluttered quickly and it takes up valuable food prep space. Really, the only things you should leave out on the counter are one or two essentials that you use daily. For example, your coffee maker and your toaster.
  5. Kitchen JarsLearn to be a Minimalist – While kitchen gadgets can be fun, most of them are unnecessary. How many gimmicky gadgets have you purchased, only to use them once or twice before they became nothing more than clutter? Keep only those that you actually use, and when you buy new things for the kitchen, decide what you will get rid of in order to make space for it. Be brutal. Use the one thing in = one thing out rule, and your kitchen will remain simple and streamlined.
  6. Drawer and Cabinet Organization Systems – Having a home for everything is much easier when you use drawer organizers and cubbies and shelves designed for cabinets. This also makes it easier to find what you are looking for while you’re cooking.

Once you’ve organized your small kitchen to optimize space saving potential, preparing meals will be a joy. You might even come to prefer it to having a large kitchen. When it comes to small spaces, simplicity is key.

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