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If you’re looking for a way to add a personal touch to your small space, you probably already have plenty of inspiration in your home. It’s time to dig out the old photo albums and boxes of loose photos and go digging for treasure.

5 Clever Ways to Use Photos to Decorate Your Small Space

  1. Go Vintage – Everything takes on a magical feel when it’s in black and white or a yellowed old Polaroid. Pull out Grandma and Grandpa’s wedding pictures and that great shot of your mom at the beach when she was five. Not only will they be meaningful to you, but guests will love to look at these snapshots of your family history.
  2. Blow ‘Em Up – If you have pictures that can withstand being blown up without becoming grainy or blurry, you should go for it. Contrary to popular belief, hanging a large photo in a small space won’t make the room look smaller. In fact, it can do just the opposite, provided you keep it simple and use just one.
  3. Recreate the Collage – While most collage picture frames look stodgy and boring, putting a fresh spin on the collage is a great use of wall space. Experiment with groupings of photos in individual frames for a fantastic visual effect, or forgo the frames entirely and make a collage directly on the wall. If you decide to try a collage without frames, just make sure to use the right types of adhesive so you don’t ruin your paint job or damage the pictures.
  4. Small FrameWires and Such – If you want to display your pictures without frames, try hanging a length of wire along the wall and attaching photos with clothespins or giant paper clips. Not only does this look great, it also makes it easy to switch out the photos on display for a rotating gallery that will always be fresh and interesting.
  5. Get Crazy with the Spray Paint – Instead of spending a small fortune on new frames, hit the thrift stores and gather a collection of them in interesting shapes and sizes. For not a lot of cash you can get a ton of old frames whose finishes might be lacking, plus a couple of cans of spray paint. Create a classic look with metallic paints or go bold with brilliant shades of neon. An interesting frame can change the entire feel of the picture you’re displaying.

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than displaying your own pictures. Putting your photos on display is a great way to see the faces of the people you love on a daily basis, or to recall memories of your favorite places and spaces. Because photos are so intimate, you’re likely to enjoy your own for much longer than a print by a famous photographer that you picked up in a department store. Photographs are too precious to be kept hidden away, and how often do you sit down with those albums? Deck out your small space with your best shots and it will feel like home in no time.

photo credit: UppyPhoto | glen.dahlman

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