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Keep It Simple

To make the most out of your small space, the smartest thing you can do is keep it simple. This applies to both the items you have in your home and the ways you go about storing them. Simplicity is the key component to living well in a small space.

10 Easy Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Small Space

  1. The Simple Kitchen – Make use of a pot rack and drawer and cabinet organizers to make the most of your space. Keep counters clear. Ditch any gadgets you don’t use often enough to make them worth storing.
  2. The Simple Bathroom – Expand storage with hooks and wall shelves. Roll towels in place them in a basket, rather than folding them. Regularly toss old cosmetics and medications to cut down on clutter. Store things like q-tips and cotton balls in glass apothecary jars. Keep all cleaning supplies in a portable caddy that can be stashed in a hall closet or under the kitchen sink if you don’t have room to store them in your bathroom.
  3. The Simple Living Room – Create a cozy seating arrangement, use vertical shelving, and use multipurpose pieces like a large storage ottoman for a coffee table; this can double as extra seating when you have company.
  4. The Simple Bedroom (adults) – All you really need is a bed, a dresser, and an organized closet. Keep non-bedroom items out of this room. It should be your sanctuary, not a place to continue your daily activities.
  5. The Simple Bedroom (children) – Using bins instead of toy boxes makes it easier for little ones to find what they want and to help clean up. Invest in organizational systems that give them a home for everything they own to encourage independence and decrease messes.
  6. The Simple Home Office – A small desk and a great chair are musts. Utilize wall space by installing shelves and wall organizers.
  7. The Simple Dining Room – Your dining set should fit your space. It’s better to have to get creative when you have company than it is to cram a too large table into a small dining room.
  8. Small ClosetSimple Decor – Choose a few pieces you love instead of dozens you think are okay. If you have too many decorations, it’s hard to focus on the beauty of any of them. It all starts to look like clutter.
  9. Simplify Your Wardrobe – If you don’t wear it, get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. If you don’t love the way you look in it, get rid of it. It is better to have a few outfits that make you feel wonderful than dozens that don’t.
  10. Simple Decluttering – Purge your home of anything that isn’t beautiful or necessary. Set aside time each week to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit these categories.

By simplifying your possessions and your home, you reduce the amount of time and mental energy required to care for and maintain your space. This frees you up to do more living; and isn’t that what home is for?

photo credit: studiohzwei | Definitive HDR Photography

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