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Itty Bitty Room

If you have a tiny living room, decorating can feel like a challenge. Don’t despair, it isn’t a lost cause! There are lots of things you can do to give your itty bitty living space a big personality. With some savvy home decorating, your small living room can be both functional and beautiful. Use these four useful tips as a jumping off point, and then play to your heart’s content to create a room that begs to be lived in.

4 Useful Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room

  1. Have a Focal Point – A great coffee table is a must in a small living room. Choose one that is scaled appropriately for the room and offers both function and visual interest. A mid-century design or a great trunk works nicely. A trunk offers that added benefit of providing additional storage space for items you need but don’t necessarily want out on display. This central focal point for your seating arrangement anchors the room. Using this surface to display a gorgeous vase with fresh flowers, a living plant, or a couple of fun and interesting coffee table books is a nice touch. Just be sure not to go overboard with this; the line between interesting decorations and clutter is thin in a small room.
  2. Use Your Walls – When it comes to decorating a small living room, making the most of your wall space provides you with endless options for decorating that don’t add clutter. Framed art or photographs, mirrors, a great clock, and wall shelves are all excellent choices. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be afraid of using large pieces on the walls in a small room, you just need to limit them. One very large piece of art or a big mirror on a wall can actually open up the space and look less cluttered than choosing several small pieces to fill that same space.
  3. Blue DecorDon’t Be Afraid of Color – Color is your friend in a small space. Don’t limit yourself to boring whites and creams. Just make sure to go for colors that are light or bright and avoid a dark palette. Pull the look together by choosing throw pillows or curtains in fantastic patterns that coordinate well with your wall color.
  4. Less is More – While this may seem to be the simplest and most obvious tip, it is also the most important and widely ignored. While clutter is never a good look, in a small room it will kill a good look in a heartbeat. Go for quality over quantity. Make it a point to have only a small handful of nick-knacks and decorative objects, and limit them only to those that you absolutely love. Never buy anything you feel lukewarm about in order to fill a space. It’s better to have nothing than something you aren’t crazy about.

Once you’ve decorated your small living room, kick off your shoes and stay awhile. You’ve earned it! With its new look and feel, you’ll may never want to leave.

photo credit: nkeppol | IDA Interior LifeStyle

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