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Cramped Apartment

Having a small home doesn’t mean that you have to feel cramped and crowded. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a house with small rooms, you can make your spaces feel more open and inviting by arranging your furniture for optimum flow. In order to make these tips work for you, the first step is honestly assessing the furniture you have versus the furniture you need. If your furniture is too large and bulky, or if you have too much for the square footage of your rooms, it’s never going to work.

Small Apartment

4 Tips for Arranging Furniture in Small Spaces

  1. Create Seating Groups– If you have a small living room, creating seating group instead of pushing all of your furniture up against the walls will make the space appear larger than it actually is. While you might need to have a couch or loveseat against a wall, don’t make the mistake of pushing your other chairs against walls, too. Instead, bring them in close, using a coffee table as a central grounding point for the space. The use of an area rug can also give definition to the seating space.
  2. Clearly Define Walkways – Arrange your furniture in such a way that there are clearly defined areas for walking. If you have to dodge several pieces of furniture in order to get from one place to the next, it makes your rooms feel too full and cluttered. Keep this in mind when creating your seating areas. Don’t be afraid to play with your furniture and rearrange it several times. This is the best way to figure out how to create a streamlined appearance.
  3. WindowLet There Be Light! – Whenever possible, try not to block your windows with furniture. Light gives the illusion of more space, and lack of natural lighting will make your room look smaller. Find another home for that tall bookcase if you can. If obscuring a window can’t be avoided, decide which ones let in the most light and/or offer the best view, and which ones offer the least before deciding where to put larger pieces of furniture.
  4. Use the Tucked Away Spaces Behind Things – Instead of pushing your couch directly against a wall, adding a console table to the space between the wall and couch gives extra storage space, as well as a flat surface for decorative objects without adding unnecessary visual bulk to the room. Likewise, using back to back pieces of furniture can be a great way to define and divide a small space into two functional areas.

By creating cozy seating areas and furniture groupings, you can create a sense of purpose and flow in your small space. You will have more room to move and feel less cramped when you arrange your furniture in such a way that there are well defined and intimate areas in which to relax and carry out the activities of living. You don’t have to have a ton of room in order to make the most of every last inch.

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