Home Living Ditch, Display, and Stash: 10 Easy Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

Getting organized makes life easier in all kinds of ways, regardless of the size of your home. When you have smaller living quarters the importance of organizing doubles. If you want to enjoy every last inch of your little home, you’re going to have to clean up your act. These easy organizing tips will help you run a tight ship.


10 Easy Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

  1. Develop a Critical Eye – While harsh criticism is no good when it comes to people, when it comes to stuff in a small space, it is a must. Each and every item you own should serve you in some way, either practically or visually. If it doesn’t, kick it to the curb.
  2. Give it a Home – Simply put, if you don’t have room for an item to have a home, you don’t have room for the item. Either find a place for it to belong, or it has to go.
  3. Let it Live Where it Works – When you’re deciding where something should live, the answer is wherever it gets used. For example, in the kitchen, the drawers and cabinets closest to the stove should hold your cooking utensils.
  4. Buy Storage Furniture – Pieces of furniture that have drawers or compartments in which to tuck things away are a good investment. They add a ton of extra storage space while reducing visual clutter.
  5. Divide the Drawers – Banish the notion of a junk drawer. You shouldn’t have one. Everything in your drawers should have a purpose and a place. Drawer dividers are cheap and easy to find, and they can help you classify and contain the chaos that is probably lurking in your drawers.
  6. Claim Your Cabinets – Graduated shelving, dividers, and other cabinet organizational systems can help you fit twice as much in your cabinets while keeping it all neatly organized and easy to grab without causing an avalanche.
  7. Closet Savvy – Shoe racks, see-through or labeled bins, hat boxes, and units with drawers can help you tidy up your closets and give everything inside an appropriate place to reside while not in use.
  8. Small OrganizationHook it Up – Decorative hooks for everything from bathroom and closet doors to the walls themselves can provide tidy homes for keys, hats, towels and more.
  9. Collections and Groupings – Groupings of baskets, Mason jars, and other decorative containers can be artistically arranged to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping everything you need within arm’s reach.
  10. Self-Containment – Every room and every area within that room should have adequate storage for the things that are used there. If you have a home office in the dining room, this could mean a small filing cabinet and desktop organizers.

When you’re organizing your small space,scrutinize each and every one of your possessions. Ask yourself whether you want to ditch it, display it, or stash it. Ditch anything that isn’t beautiful or useful to you. Don’t save anything out of obligation or just in case. If you love the way something looks or use it multiple times a day, it’s best left on display. If it is something that you absolutely must keep but it isn’t aesthetically pleasing or in constant use, stash it. Your small space will be organized and tidy in no time.

photo credit: marc0047 | Pieter Pieterse

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