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Space Mistakes

If your small living space is making you miserable, it probably isn’t the space itself; it’s what you’re doing with it. When it comes to making the most of small rooms, there are several recurring themes that pop up again and again in the mistakes people make. If you’re not in love with your little home, at least a couple of these five culprits are probably to blame.

5 Big Space Mistakes in Small Rooms

  1. Neglecting to Use Your Illusion – When it comes to creating space in a small room, be a magician and use illusion. True, this won’t actually create more space, but it will make the square footage you do have appear larger. This means letting in natural light, using mirrors, and using colors that are light and bright to make the room open up and seem airier.
  2. Not Enough Storage – You can never have too much storage. Ever. Multipurpose pieces like storage ottomans, trunks, and furniture with drawers and hidden compartments will help you tuck away things you need to keep but don’t need to have out at all times. Adequate shelving with attractive storage containers are also a necessity.
  3. Too Much Stuff – Unless you are a minimalist by nature, chances are high that you are trying to cram too much stuff into your small space. Cut the clutter and your rooms will automatically look and feel more spacious. Once you have eliminated clutter, a great way to keep it under control is using the one thing in, one thing out rule. Any time you are tempted to buy something, decide ahead of time what object in that room you are willing to get rid of in order to create the necessary space. If you can’t think of anything, you probably don’t want or need it as much as you think you do.
  4. Bookcase FullOverstuffed and Clunky – Is your furniture scaled appropriately for the room in which it lives? This is oftentimes a problem for people who have downsized their home without downsizing their belongings. While an enormous overstuffed couch and a heavy wooden armoire might look fantastic in a big house, they’re totally out of place in a small one. Choose sleek and streamlined pieces and your room will automatically open up.
  5. Going Horizontal – Floor space is a hot commodity in small rooms. Choosing shelving and other furniture that runs vertically, rather than horizontally, will take up less of this precious space. It also tends to draw the eye up, instead of across, which is more appealing in a tiny room. The vertical illusion works well with furniture, and it is also something to consider when choosing window treatments. Even if you have small windows, go for curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor.

When you take the time to correct your space mistakes, you can breathe new life into a room that felt tiny and claustrophobic. Give your rooms an honest assessment and change accordingly. You’ll be shocked at the difference it will make, and you might even find that you had more space than you realized.

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